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About Us

Who Are We?

The DeLoach Lupus Foundation Savannah GA Inc. (DLF) was birthed on October 7, 2020 as a result of the years of attacks lupus waged on the founder and other members of her family. This ignited a passion within her years ago to do what she could within the lupus community. She has now accepted that it is time to take this God given passion to another level. To do what she and her family could locally and spread it abroad to ensure no other patient goes through the things they endured or to at least help soften the blows.

Our Plan

Our leading and guiding principles are based on faith, values and purpose. Our ideal audience will be lupus patients of all ages, their family, friends, and our community. We understand that lupus is an auto immune diseases and this cultivates our desire to collaborate with those affected by the many auto immune diseases existing within our community. We are striving to improve the quality of the lives of lupus patients and increase the knowledge of this diseases in the community, by providing support and education with a focus on the unmet needs of the patient.

Meet the Founder

Salathiel DeLoach is the President and CEO of the DeLoach Lupus Foundation Savannah Ga Inc. She obtained her bachelor’s degree in business and is currently a member of leadership in the capacity of a Human Resources manager. She enjoys the ability to change the stigma that most people have about those that work in this role. She believes it’s important to remember the basics of the title “Human Resource”. We are all humans and with this accepted assignment, we are tasked with being a resource to those we serve. As the CEO of this charity, she embodies this same mindset, enjoys serving others and she has a heart for the people.

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